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Meridian Township, Michigan Sees Suburban Deer Harvest Success

For the first time since it began four years ago, the volunteer deer harvest is finally paying off for suburban dwellers. 

In Meridian Township, Michigan, deer have been plaguing locals for years, causing roadway accidents, destroying yards and digging up gardens. Their numbers out of control.

But the Michigan Department of Natural Resources began a program four years ago that has finally started to pay off, this year showing numbers in decreased auto-deer accidents.

The deer harvest is a volunteer program and allows hunters to use bow and arrows only on a very specific schedule and allows them to keep one deer for themselves, and donate the rest to food banks. Last year over 1,500 pounds of venison was donated in the state.

150 deer were harvested last year, leading officials to extend the volunteer deer harvest into this February. While the volunteers are filled for the extended 2015 season already, visit to apply for the wait list for the next harvest.

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Meridian Township, Michigan Sees Suburban Deer Harvest Success