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Mercedes Benz Marco Polo Takes Motorized Glamping to Another Level [VIDEO]

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This is what you get when Mercedes Benz makes a camper: glamping on wheels.

Camping in the Mercedes Benz Marco Polo, their new camping van, sure wouldn’t be considered “roughing it” by any definition.

I shared this video with my wife and her first words were, “Mmmm, that’s for me!”

I’m more of a backpack, tent and find-as-flat-a-piece-of-ground-as-we-can kind of camper. But I have to admit, this thing is pretty sweet. What I like most about the Marco Polo is that it doesn’t look like a camper. Heck, it doesn’t even try to look like a camper.

Mercedes Benz spokesperson Yasmine Blair takes the Marco Polo down the coast of Portugal.

Where else would you expect to go camping in a Mercedes Benz but some exotic, romantic place?

The vehicle has refrigerated and non-refrigerated storage for your food and wine. You can cook on an in-vehicle two-burner stove and run water from an adjacent sink and faucet.

It also has a wardrobe that allows you to hang your clothes…on hangers no less! It sleeps four, two in the van proper and two in a roof pop-up.

For me, it’s the driving seating and console that appeals most. It’s hard to imagine a Mercedes Benz not being a joy to drive. And I do like the idea that it can function as a comfortable overnight or day-trip camper without any trouble at all.

I’m not sure the Marco Polo would qualify as a zombie apocalypse vehicle, but it sure qualifies as stylish camping vehicle. I really wish I had not shared this video with my wife.


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Mercedes Benz Marco Polo Takes Motorized Glamping to Another Level [VIDEO]