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Study: Men's Love Hormone Levels Soar After Hunting [PICS]

Good news for that special someone of men that are hunters.

A recent scientific study proves hunting does indeed boost men's love hormones, in some cases drastically.

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The hunting fields and wilderness offer that extra energy for the hunter's love life.

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The love hormone oxytocin surges, as the study states, when the male hunter returns home. It is a hardwired primal carryover from a hunter-gatherer society. Where is this scientific truth?

A hunter gatherer tribe in Bolivia studied by anthropologists from UC Santa Barbara revealed the findings. Thirty one men were studied and saliva samples were taken. It was found that when the hunters returned to camp the levels of oxytocin reached high peaks. This is known as the "support, cooperation, trust, tenderness and sharing" hormone.

This is different than testosterone, the hormone that we are more familiar with. Testosterone increases competitiveness. Oxytocin is the society-friendly hormone that works better with others. When the hunter comes home, the hormones switch from a competitive one to a more sharing and loving one. Both hormones are necessary also for the rebuilding of muscles after the hunt is over.

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Hunters make better lovers. It's scientifically proven.

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Study: Men's Love Hormone Levels Soar After Hunting [PICS]