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Men Use Hovercraft to Save Deer on Frozen Lake in Minnesota

It’s a little unconventional, but whatever gets these deer to safety is fine by us.

Two men from Albert Lea, Minnesota were just enjoying their weekend when they saw a Facebook post about two deer who were trapped on the ice of a nearby lake. Knowing that those deer could be stuck out there for a while until Wildlife officials could arrive, Doug and James Kenison, who are owners of Medcity Hovercrafts, took two of their unique vehicles out to glide over the partially frozen lake. When they arrived at the scene they found not two, but three deer more than a quarter of a mile out from the shore.

The father-son duo tied the deer to ropes and dragged them back to the shoreline. One of the deer jumped right up and into the brush, while the other two took some time to regain their strength and balance after their frigid ordeal.

“They weren’t actually stuck in the ice, it was just so slippery that they just couldn’t get their footing,” James said. “It looked like one of the deer actually came closer to us. It just seemed like he knew we were there to help.”

Once again, hunters are showing the world that they’re not afraid to get up close and untangle some antlers or boat out into a lake to save the animals they love to hunt. In the end, every hunter is a part of nature, and these recent instances back up our involvement there even more.


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Men Use Hovercraft to Save Deer on Frozen Lake in Minnesota