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2 Men Honored Their Friend by Catching 180-Pound Carp from Bait of His Ashes


Two anglers used their late friend’s ashes to make a one of a kind bait that landed them a monster 180 pound carp in Thailand. 

People have used some unique baits to go after massive fish, but I bet nothing like these two anglers using their friend’s ashes as bait to honor him.

Paul Fairbrass, Cliff Dale, and Ron Hopper were long time fishing buddies. Their new favorite spot to fish had become the water of Thailand where they had become hooked after a trip last year. They had plans to make a return trip this year when Hopper was diagnosed with a aggressive liver cancer.

Days before Hopper died he called his two fishing mates into his room with a simple request to spread some of his ashes around their fishing spot in Thailand. Fairbrass had a better idea.

“I told him I would go one better than that and turn him into boilies and catch a big fish with them,” Fairbrass told The Telegraph. “He just cracked up and said it was a brilliant idea.”

Hopper died in December of last year and his friends took half of his ashes with them on their trip to Thailand this April.

Shortly after arriving they mixed his ashes into a special bait they dubbed “Purple Ronnie”, and used the boilies all throughout their nine day excursion.


After catching a few small catfish and carp they decided to give a spot a try where Hopper had reeled in the 150-pound carp shown above the year before.

Some of Hopper’s luck must have remained in his ashes because it was there that they battled a massive 180 pound Siamese carp for over three hours. One of the largest ever caught from the lake.

“It seemed like it was destiny we would use Ronnie to catch one of the biggest fish in the lake,” said Fairbrass. “It’s what he would have wanted.”

The enormous carp was released back into the water. Locals named the carp ‘Ronnie’ in honor of the friends lost friend and the special bait used to catch him.


“Ron may not have been with us in person this year, but he certainly was in spirit,” Eddie Mounce from the Jurassic Mountain Resort who led their trip said. “He made sure the fish gods were smiling down and gave Paul and Cliff the catch of a lifetime. The three men are now part of Thai fishing legend.”

Fairbrass and Dale saved the last boilie they had made from Hopper’s ashes. They are going to have it preserved and placed into a presentation box to look back to remember the trip and their lost friend.

All Photos Via The Telegraph.


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2 Men Honored Their Friend by Catching 180-Pound Carp from Bait of His Ashes