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Brazilian Men Save Hawk from Strangulation by Snake


A snake turned the tables on the hawk that had in mind fresh serpent for lunch.

Nature is rife with drama, most of which we never see. Here, a group of Brazilian men were lucky enough to walk upon a small though dramatic life and death struggle between a hawk and snake.

Their chance encounter was lucky for the hawk as well. The situation looked a little grim for the winged predator, as its intended meal was choking the very life from it.

It seems safe to assume that the small hawk attacked the snake and that the snake fought back. The men appear to have come upon the scene with the outcome fairly well determined had they not harrassed the snake until it released its grip on the small falcon.

The bird appeared to escape with no ill effects from the attempted strangulation, while the snake no doubt went on to become a major celebrity among the rest of the snakes in the jungle.

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Brazilian Men Save Hawk from Strangulation by Snake