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Melissa Bachman Self-Films an Early Season Mule Deer Hunt

Early season mule deer can be fun and frustrating at the same time.

This is something that Melissa Bachman learned time and time again on this early season mule deer hunt in Colorado. Not only was Melissa attempting to spot and stalk a big muley with her bow, she upped the ante by self filming the hunt.

Watch the video to see what happened.

Melissa remembered some of the most important rules of early season mule deer hunting and was ultimately successful. To see success like Bachman had in the video, hunters should:

  • Spot bucks from afar, then plan a stalking strategy that accounts for wind direction, available cover, and avoiding non-target animals.
  • Be patient. If a shot doesn’t present itself on your first stalk, it’s better to ease out of the area and come back later than to force a shot and spook the bucks into the next county.
  • Become proficient with your weapon. Although Melissa didn’t mention the yardage at which she shot this buck, it looked like a pretty good poke.

Apply these lessons from Melissa’s hunt and go out and kill an early season mule deer of your own.


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Melissa Bachman Self-Films an Early Season Mule Deer Hunt