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Megalodon Shark Footage [VIDEO]

Megalodon Shark footage

Thought to be extinct for millions of years, a fisherman catches an alleged megalodon shark on camera.

Estimated to be over twice the size of a great white shark, the megalodon shark (“big tooth” in ancient Greek) is thought to have gone extinct over two million years ago.

However, this video of an unknown, but extremely large, marine animal was recently taken by a fisherman and is thought to be a megalodon.

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As you can see, the animal in this video lacks the spots that whale sharks, the only other known animal anywhere near the size of a megalodon shark, have on their back.

Of course, it is extremely unlikely that this is an actual megalodon shark. However, the ocean is absolutely gigantic and previously unknown species are discovered on a regular basis. There have been several documented cases where living species thought to have been extinct for millions of years have turned up.

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Megalodon Shark Footage [VIDEO]