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Mega Arms and FrogLube Team Up for Future Projects


Mega Arms manufacturing has announced it will feature FrogLube products in assembly of all complete rifle projects. 

Mega Arms is a firearms manufacturer that was founded in 1984, and since then they have been known for their well-constructed AR-15 components.

After trying all the CLPs on the market today, Mega Arms has decided that FrogLube products are simply the best available. Whether it’s the assembly of rifles or cleaning suppressed rifles and suppressors, Mega Arms can’t find better products than the ones offered by FrogLube. As a result Mega Arms has announced a partnership with FrogLube.

Mega Arms spoke of their new partner’s performance, “FrogLube has held up to all tasks, including hard to clean stains from carbon on NiB finishes, and break in procedures on our custom barrel line.”

Moving forward, Mega Arms is happy to announce that FrogLube will be offered during the assembly of all complete rifle projects.

FrogLube claims to be, “the world’s only complete bio-based ‘green’ weapons care system solvent and CLP.”

More companies are teaming up around the country as they find the best complimentary products in the field.


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Mega Arms and FrogLube Team Up for Future Projects