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Meet Valerie McBroom, the Bowhunting Frog Slayer [PICS]

All photos via Valerie McBroom

This young lady is doing a number on frogs in Arkansas; and she’s doing it with a bow.

Valerie McBroom lives in Arkansas and grew up hunting and fishing. She loves to chase waterfowl, fish for crappie, hunt deer and has recently delved, seemingly wholeheartedly, into “bowfrogging.”


Some bowfroggers use the same tactics as bowfishermen. They ride around in boats with a bow rigged to shoot a bolt, with a line attached to bring in the frog. But Valerie stalks these tasty small game critters in creeks and even ditches surrounding agricultural fields on foot.

She uses small game broadheads and had to switch brands when she started out after noticing her Muzzys weren’t quite right for the job. So I asked her about the switch.

“When I first started and used the Muzzy small game broad heads, I found that the arrow was going through so clean that the frogs would hop off. The Muzzy brand was basically a field tip with a claw on it. I went to Academy Sports and looked around. I purchased a 3 pack of Game Winner small game broad heads. The difference between the two is the Game Winner brand has a dull point with the claw. The dull point does more damage on impact so less hop and more drop.”

And from all the pictures she’s been posting lately to her Facebook account, I’d say the switch was the right call.


Valerie and her family love frog legs, and I have to admit, I’ve eaten them on more than one occassion; they are good.

Valerie has only been hunting with a bow for a short time, but she’s learned well and developed great form, as demonstrated in her Facebook profile photograph.

Her elbow is slightly bent, she’s not gripping the bow, and her release hand is anchored in a perfect spot. This gal’s got skills.

McBroom got into fishing and hunting like many other kids: her family. She often went out with her father and brother in her younger years. Now she says one thing she really enjoys about bowfrogging, is that she gets to involve her three kids in the action.

“The coolest part of bowfrogging is my kids can jump in the truck and really be a part of it. They can help hold the spotlights if it is dark and they love to help retrieve them. It’s a great time for family and letting the kids get dirty!”


Valerie is a serious hunter, and if she kills it, she and her family eat it.

“My goal is to not buy meat from the grocery store and for the most part, I have succeeded in that goal.”

I also asked her to tell me what she enjoyed pursuing the most in the outdoors, and this is what she had to say.

“I have grown so much as a hunter in the last five years. When I first started hunting where I could choose what I pursued, I was a die-hard waterfowler and I do still love it, but I’ve noticed that I get way more excited about deer hunting now. Looking forward to my first bow season this year has only magnified my passion and the itch to go. I think this will be an incredible year for me.”


All photos via Valerie McBroom

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Meet Valerie McBroom, the Bowhunting Frog Slayer [PICS]