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The Monster SSK .950 Rifle is One Gnarly Firearm [VIDEO]

Meet the SSK .950, the world’s biggest and baddest centerfire rifle.

Only three of them were made, and only a few people have fired them. The SSK .950 is so powerful that one shot is reportedly as powerful as a WWI tank round.

The SSK .950’s massive power is matched by its large frame. The lighter models weigh 85 pounds, and most of them have to be fired from a benchrest. It fires rounds at 2,100 feet per second and has 2,777 foot-pounds of recoil energy equal to the power of 10 .30-06 rifle shots, so yeah, firing from a bench seems like a good idea.

You’ll see that incredible recoil action in the video below. We got a kick out of the expression on the shooters’ faces when they pull the trigger. “She kicks like a mule!”

Getting your hands on an SSK .950 could be tricky. Expect to pay a good chunk of change. The rifles have been out of production for a while, and custom-built models tend run around $17,000. And the bullets, which are 2,400 grain, cost $40 a pop. Yikes.

This would be a great rifle to stop a bear, or a mountain lion, or really any big wild animal that has legs and moves. Good luck getting it into the field. 

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The Monster SSK .950 Rifle is One Gnarly Firearm [VIDEO]