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Meet the Newest Additions to the Assiniboine Park Zoo [VIDEO]

Orphaned bears find a new home.

These polar bears, found with the help of the Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship, are getting adjusted to the Assiniboine Park Zoo, their new home.

Crews waited more than two days for the mother to show up, after they spotted the bears walking alone, but she sadly never did.

Check out this video of their new habitat at the International Polar Bear Conservation Center:

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"They'll undergo a 30-day quarantine, which allows them to get used to the keepers and the veterinary staff. We give them vaccines and monitor their health," Dr. Stephen Peterson, the zoo's head of conservation and research, said. "We're looking forward to them going into the transition process and eventually being introduced to the other bears that we have here."

Polar bears are the largest species of bear on the planet. An adult male can weigh upwards of 1,200 pounds. They can be found in dry, frigid climates like Russia, Alaska, and Canada. In 2008, United States listed the polar bear as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act, while in Canada and Russia they are listed as a species of special concern.

In captivity, the Polar bear usually only live into their late 20s.

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Meet the Newest Additions to the Assiniboine Park Zoo [VIDEO]