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Meet the Aerius, the Smallest Quadcopter in the World

Looking for a fun gift or toy to annoy your friends? Look no further than an Axis Drone. 

The Aerius by Axis Drones is the world’s smallest quadcopter measuring a mere three centimeters by three centimeters.

Although it looks like a toy to annoy your friends with, it is actually used in order to practice flying a real quadcopter or drone.

The Aerius comes conveniently packed inside the controller for easy portability. It flies for five to seven minutes on a 15- to 20-minute charge and has all the real flying features a big quadcopter has. That way you can practice with your little one in order to prepare yourself to expertly fly a real one.

You can choose between four colors to fit your mood and at $35, it would make a great gift or toy around the house to wake up your roommates.

Other Axis Drones include:

  • Axis Nano: Beginners learning drone
  • Axis Turbo: Fastest mini drone on the market
  • Wallet Drone: Quadcopter charges inside controller; LED lights for night flying


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Meet the Aerius, the Smallest Quadcopter in the World