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Meet Scooter the Coyote, the South Carolina Star That Loves His Toys

Scooter the Coyote won’t really bite your face off, unless you touch his favorite toys.

If you had to guess by the image above, that coyote could be a vicious predator ready to attack at a moment’s notice. However, in real life, Scooter the coyote is an educational tool used in an outreach program by the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory located in South Carolina.

First coming to the lab on May 1st, 2012 as a malnourished and extremely dehydrated pup, researchers’  attempts to find his family were unsuccessful. It was at this point when the lab obtained the proper permits and took him in. Since that time, he has grown into a South Carolina celebrity.

All is well and good for Scooter these days, but as you can tell in this video, don’t mess with his toys.

To date, in the four years since Scooter was taken in, he has road-tripped around South Carolina visiting schools and educational centers traveling 4,642 miles to 151 presentations with approximately 8,975 attendees.

On the days when Scooter the coyote is at home and not working, he hangs out in a 400-foot wooded outside facility. At night, he is brought inside where he sleeps in a temperature controlled garage. Some days he even gets to run free in open fields. All of this is according to the permit that has been granted to the facility to keep him.

He may look like he might bite your head off in the video, but if you look him up, he’s a pretty cool coyote.


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Meet Scooter the Coyote, the South Carolina Star That Loves His Toys