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Meet Reed the Robo-Buck, South Carolina’s Newest DNR Officer [VIDEO]

Reed the Robo-buck helps South Carolina DNR officials catch poachers in the act.

The start of South Carolina’s archery season also means a jump in the number of poachers looking to illegally kill deer.

Catching poachers in the act is usually difficult because a poacher, a deer, and a DNR officer need to be in the same place at the same time. Robo-buck Reed makes that possible.

Watch the video to see how realistic this robo-buck looks.

FOX Carolina 21

Reed the Robo-buck was donated to the South Carolina DNR by the Foothills Chapter of the Quality Deer Management Association.

QDMA’s goal is “to ensure the future of whitetail deer, wildlife habitat, and our hunting heritage.”

The QDMA concept relies on four cornerstones. They are herd management, habitat management, hunter management, and herd monitoring. By controlling these four factors hunters and land managers can maintain a healthy population of deer, create a healthy age structure in the herd, and increase the level of hunter enjoyment on each hunt.

Unfortunately, some “hunters” choose to take the easy route and poach deer at night or on property where they do not have permission to hunt. That’s where robo-bucks like Reed come into play.

The robo-buck tactic has been used to successfully capture poachers in a number of other states and hopefully Reed will help the South Carolina DNR catch some unsportsmanlike poachers this season.

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Meet Reed the Robo-Buck, South Carolina’s Newest DNR Officer [VIDEO]