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Meet the Real Life Wolfman [VIDEO]

Wolf researcher Shaun Ellis lives among wild wolves.

Ellis has devoted much of his life to studying wolves. He lives with them. He eats with them. He sometimes sleeps around them. He’ll even go days without bathing to really get that eau de canine scent.

The long and short of it: he’s hardcore.

Ellis, a born and raised Brit, learned how to observe and live among wild wolves from Native American biologists on the Nez Perce tribal lands in northern Idaho.

In this video from Barcroft Media, you’ll see how Ellis is able to interact up close and personal with three wild wolves that he has raised.

Ellis established himself as the alpha male when the wolves were young.

It’s pretty incredible to watch how the wolves respond to Ellis, as if he is one of them.

Oh, and by the way – don’t try this at home.

Wolves are fascinating animals and fierce predators. They’re also one of the most controversial animals in the US.

In some regions of the US, wolf hunting is encouraged, as they have become threats to livestock and game animal populations. In other regions, they are protected by the Federal government as threatened and endangered species, and valued for their role in the ecosystem.

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Wolves have been here much longer than we have, and in many ways, we’re still learning how to manage them and live alongside them. However you feel about these fierce predators, you have to admit it’s pretty incredible watching a person form such a tight bond with them.

What are your thoughts about wolf management? Let us know in the comments section below. 

Featured image via YouTube/Barcroft Media

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Meet the Real Life Wolfman [VIDEO]