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Meet the New M60 Echo 6 Machine Gun [VIDEO]

This video shows you just how powerful and innovative the new M60 Echo 6 machine gun is. 

Thanks to Weekly Weapons Brief, we can watch this video and learn about the newest version of the M60 Echo 6 machine gun.

This M60 Echo 6 was been used all over the world, and you will be blown away by its latest and greatest version.


The M60 Echo 6 is currently being used by the Danish Army, and after watching this video, it’s obvious why they chose this model.

With an effective range of 1,200 yards and a firing rate of 500-650 rounds per minute, the 20-pound M60 Echo 6 is one powerful machine gun. The designers of this gun though of everything when making it from cleaning, to handling, to shooting.

Did you enjoy the sweet sound and sights of the machine gun firing at the end?

Learn more about new weapons like the M60 Echo 6, by visiting the Battlefield Vegas YouTube Channel.

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Meet the New M60 Echo 6 Machine Gun [VIDEO]