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Meet Mick Dodge, Hermit of the Wilderness [VIDEO]

In the Pacific Northwest wilds lives a wildman hermit named Mick Dodge.

Mick Dodge left the modern world for the forests 25 years ago and has been living wild ever since to live in the Olympic Peninsula.

There is a collection of videos about him on, but this one sums him up.


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Sure, he might be a bit of a kook, and the typical "reality TV" scripted argument could be made, but there's no denying this guy is a genuine wilderness survivor. There's a lot of personality features he holds that deserve envy, and even the biggest non-outdoorsman can appreciate the beauty of his world.

Now then, do you think he would mind a neighbor? I'm trying to convince the wife...

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Meet Mick Dodge, Hermit of the Wilderness [VIDEO]