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Meet Mandy Hertzfeld: Fly Fishing Guide and Crazy Good Artist

Mandy K. Hertzfeld Art

If you don’t know Mandy Hertzfeld, you probably will soon. 

Just like most all-American kids growing up in the Midwest, we know our way around a lake or river. That couldn’t be more the case for Mandy Hertzfeld, originally from Waterville, Ohio. More than a few amazing fishing destinations were within arms reach, so naturally, she fell in love with the water.

After graduating from Bowling Green State University with a Fine Arts degree, she made the move west to follow her fly fishing passion and started working as a guide for Minturn Anglers out of Colorado. However, her guiding career only shows off half of her talent.

As you can see from her following Instagram pictures that she shares on her page, you may start thinking about some new home decorations.

Her fly fishing skills are in the top half of all fly fishermen alive today, but it’s her fly fishing artwork that sets her apart. As a matter of fact, it’s darn right extraordinary.

“Inspired by fly fishing, my artwork is a direct reflection of my passions. Creating paintings that capture the relationships between fish, flies, and the natural environment is both challenging and fulfilling,” Hertzfeld has written on her About page. “Just like painting, each day on the river is a blank slate; a white canvas waiting for an interpretation and someone to figure it out, pay attention to its details, and give it meaning.”

It’s fairly obvious to see the love she has for fly fishing when you look at her work. As they say, true talent is hard to hide.

“As a fly fishing guide in Minturn, I have the opportunity to immerse myself in the rivers and streams that fuel my imagination and help me find the delicate balance between art and fly fishing,” as seen on Hertzfeld’s website. “I find inspiration every day by continuously searching for the moments where fly fishing and art can meet.”

Regardless of where you stand on home or office decor, I think we all can agree that any single piece of Hertzfeld’s art would look good just about anywhere.

If you would like some more info about Mandy Hertzfeld, be sure to follow her on her Instagram page. She posts all kinds of new artwork and fly fishing pictures regularly, not to mention booking info for a guided trip.



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Meet Mandy Hertzfeld: Fly Fishing Guide and Crazy Good Artist