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Meet Luke Tabor, Teenage Robin Hood [VIDEO]

Luke Tabor, Teen Robin Hood

Luke Tabor, the teen Robin Hood, is a 17-year-old from North Carolina; you need to see what he can do with a longbow.

Luke Tabor is a 17-year-old kid from Eden, North Carolina. And, at only 17, Luke already has around 14 years of longbow archery experience. See, Luke’s father, Byron Tabor, built him his first longbow at only 18 months old and Luke started traveling the country with him doing archery demos the next year.

Luke continues to shoot and develop his longbow archery abilities and, not only does he shoot trick shots and demonstration shoots to showcase what can be done with a longbow, but he also does a lot of hunting with that same longbow.

Check out this promotional video that Luke Tabor put together to show off a few of the different things that he can do.

Though Luke Tabor, teen Robin Hood, has been in the longbow business for over a decade, he is still considered quite young.

We look forward to seeing more from him and his longbow in the near future!

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Meet Luke Tabor, Teenage Robin Hood [VIDEO]