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Meet Juuso: The Finnish Bear Who Loves to Paint


One bear in Finland has stepped up his game and is now a working artist to raise money to help other bears.

You have to see Juuso the bear in action.

We’ve seen bears do a lot of things. The giant, potentially deadly creatures skills range from eating cameras to taking pictures, but now they have apparently moved to a different form of art. Juuso the bear is a brown bear who lives at The Orphanage of Bears in northern Finland, and is now hard at work as a painter to help raise money for the place.

I’m not sure how you discover that a brown bear has the ability to paint but once Juuso got his chance and proved what an artist he could be, he hasn’t looked back.

Apparently the scheme is working quite well as the website that sells Juuso’s work shows over 15 pieces of art that were sold for 300 euros ($317) each. Looks like Juuso is doing better as an artist than many artists these days.

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Meet Juuso: The Finnish Bear Who Loves to Paint