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J-Lo the Temptress: Idaho Fish and Game’s Secret Weapon

When Idaho Fish and Game officers want to catch poachers, they bring in J-Lo the temptress.

No, not Jennifer Lopez, but J-Lo the cow elk. By setting up a full-sized cow elk along the road the day before cow season, these officers are hoping to catch would-be poachers in the act.

Things get really interesting when Fish and Game officers get out J-Lo’s boyfriend, Franco.

Watch the video to see what happens next and whether or not J-Lo and Franco get shot.

As expected, all of the hunters were able to resist J-Lo the temptress, proving that most hunters are respectful of game laws. However, when you place a large set of antlers on top of an animal’s head, it clouds some hunters’ thought processes and causes them to do things they know are not right.

Poaching animals gives all hunters a bad name as it depletes our wild game resources, and detracts from the hunting experience for the hunter who breaks the law. Simply put, don’t do it. Follow your local game laws or be prepared to face the consequences.

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J-Lo the Temptress: Idaho Fish and Game’s Secret Weapon