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New York Farmer Nabs ‘Hammertime,’ the Buck of a Lifetime

Kevin Keenan Photography

A Caledonia, New York farmer tagged a monster buck that dreams are made of and here’s the story.

Ben Benedict and his friends have been watching a wall-hanger they fondly named ‘Hammertime’ for over three years and now it finally paid off.

The family farmer, father, and lifelong hunter would finally get his chance to bag the heavy-horned whitetail on a Sunday just before church, and his prayers were about to be answered.

Catching a glimpse of movement across a field was the first thing, settling into a tree with his .30-06 was the next. When the buck stepped out, he could see the healthy rack even from a distance.

“He was at about 230 yards and just hung out there. When he quartered in towards the woods, it was a ‘now or never’ moment. I shot him and he took off into the trees,” said Benedict.

When he got a close look at his prize, it must have looked like a truck with horns.


“He has 14 clear tines and we have it roughly scored at 170 points. We’re getting it scored officially and there are still some measurements to do. He was really worn down from the rut; there wasn’t an ounce of fat on him,” said Benedict.

Benedict’s friend and photographer Kevin Keenan, who took many of the pictures of the huge buck, was one of the people that had seen the big buck in the past.

Benedict said, “When Kevin was taking pictures of him earlier he was probably 250 pounds, and when I got him he was about 170.”

Here’s a great shot of Hammertime on the hoof.


No doubt that this monster whitetail will make onto a wall somewhere.

“It’s going to be some kind of shoulder mount,” said Benedict who lives with his wife and three-month-old son in Caledonia.

It’s a trophy worthy of a long three-year hunt; congratulations to this hunter for a buck of a lifetime!

All photos via Kevin Keenan Photography


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New York Farmer Nabs ‘Hammertime,’ the Buck of a Lifetime