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Meet Charlie, the Family… Ten Point? [VIDEO]

That’s one heck of a pet!

Just a ten point buck eating bread from people’s hands… no big deal…

Four years ago when Charlie was just a fawn, his mother was killed by a car, and this family has been takin care of him ever since. Charlie’s not so small anymore…

Check out this video posted by GreatestWR to get a glimpse of Charlie, the family ten point.

Warning: There is strong language in the video that is NSFW!

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As an avid hunter, there are a few questions that come to mind when I see Charlie…

Would he look better over the fireplace, or in the study?

Nice job to the family that recovered Charlie as a young fawn and helped him along over the years. He has turned into quite the buck!

What do you think about Charlie, the family ten point??  Share your comments with us!!

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Meet Charlie, the Family… Ten Point? [VIDEO]