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Meet Brutus, the Crocodile Who Once Ate a Running Chainsaw


Angry crocodiles are a huge tourist attraction in Australia. 

One of Australia’s most legendary saltwater crocodiles is a 14 foot beast that once snatched a chainsaw away from a worker and then destroyed it.


Brutus lives in a pen at Corroboree Park Tavern near Darwin and has become a legendary tourist attraction as many have called him the crankiest crocodile in Australia. And for good reason, in 2006, a worker was cutting a tree that had fallen over the boundary fence of Brutus’ pen when the monstrous reptile decided he didn’t like the chainsaw he was using.

“He was standing on a ladder and leaning over the pen to cut the tree, all the while keeping a keen eye on Brutus,” park owner Linda Francis told the Daily Mail. “But suddenly he launched himself up and snatched the saw.”

What makes the incident even crazier was that the chainsaw was running at the time, but Brutus decided to demolish it anyway. The whole crazy incident was captured in a series of photos that only added to his legendary status.


As if the sight of a crocodile with a chainsaw isn’t terrifying enough, there’s more to Brutus’ story that proves further the temper this huge croc has.

“When he was first captured he was put into a breeding program but he promptly ate his two girlfriends,” Francis said.

If not even his fellow crocodiles are safe with him, it’s pretty safe to say the title of crankiest croc has been well-earned by Brutus.

Images the Daily Mail.



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Meet Brutus, the Crocodile Who Once Ate a Running Chainsaw