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Meet Brady Ellison, America's Top Archer

Maybe you've heard of America's top archer Brady Ellison. Yeah, he's that good.

Have you ever met somebody who just had knack for something? Like they could just pick it up and still be the best in the county? There are a few folks out there with a God given talent for something, and Team USA Olympic archer Brady Ellison is one of them.

Ellison recently secured his spot on his third US Olympic team and will represent the US in Rio this summer. He is the top archer on the American Olympic team and is currently rated as the number two archer in the world. Take a brief look at his past, and you'll no doubt recognize this didn't happen by mistake.

As a youngster, Brady was introduced to archery at the fairly young age of seven. Like most youngsters today he cut his teeth on a compound bow. As previously explained, Brady soon discovered his natural ability with a bow and arrow. Before long he was traveling to local shoots and 3-D tournaments and winning them all. In 2003 he made his debut on the target archery scene and at the scant age of 15 he was winning both local, state, and national championships with his compound bow. Heck before he finished high school he has wrapped up a Jr. Outdoor World Championship.

Then in 2004 came the day that would change his life and start him down his Olympic path. While at the Olympic training center in Chula Vista, CA, the string on Ellison's compound bow broke. With out any extras, and no way to fix it, he was in a bind. He asked a friend if he could shoot a recurve bow the kid had packed along. After his friend agreed Brady picked up the recurve and soon discovered his natural ability. Like a fish to water you might say.

His talent must have been obviously apparent because from the training center he called his folks and asked, "What do you think about me switching to recurve and going for the Olympics?". Huh? He shot a recurve for a few days and all of the sudden thought he could make the Olympics? Most new shooters are still trying to figure out how to keep the arrow on the shelf after that long. I guess with Brady it was a whole different story.

Ellison's knack with a recurve became quickly apparent and by 2008 he was shooting well enough to earn a spot on the US Olympic team that participated in Beijing. Expectedly he mad no splash in his first Olympics, but by 2012 he was the favorite to win gold in London. If you are unfamiliar with Olympic archery, check out this video that breaks down the sport that also happens to feature Ellison.

Brady Entered the 2012 games not only as America's top archer, but as the number one archer in the world. The bar was set high and he was surely expecting to medal. However, his aspirations for gold fell apart much sooner than expected when he was upset by Australian Taylor Worth in the round of 16. Although he did not medal as an individual his performance helped secure a silver medal for the US men's team.

When he's not tearing up the world target stage Ellison is an avid bow hunter and general outdoorsman. He still hunts with a compound bow and chases as many different critters as he can with a bow and arrow. When asked about his hunting forays compared to his target shooting situations he states, "Archery is archery."

Archery is archery, and talent is talent.

As the Rio summer Olympics draw near this year, expect to hear more from America's top archer Brady Ellison. With any luck, 2016 will be the year this archery phenom puts it all together and finds the medal podium.


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Meet Brady Ellison, America's Top Archer