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Meet Anglr Tracker: The FitBit of the Fishing World


Prepare to take your fishing game to a whole new level with the aid of the Anglr Tracker system. 

Have you ever wondered how many fish total you have reeled in while on a fishing trip? How about the conditions you caught those fish and their exact locations? What about the exact rod and lure setup you used to catch those fish? Now you can track and keep all of that in order, thanks to Anglr Labs and the innovative new technology behind Anglr Tracker.

The device is actually a compact tracker that clips to your fishing pole and seamlessly streams all aspects of your fishing adventures to an app on your mobile device.


The device was designed to automate the process of anglers tracking their fishing patterns. No more pausing your fishing trip to handwrite notes about the weather, locations, or other information.

"I remember my dad on the shore writing in a journal: sunny, 85 degrees, caught on this bait," recounted Landon Bloomer, co-founder and COO of Anglr Labs. "We took that idea and brought it to the 21st century."

The tracker uses top of the line sensors and advanced algorithms to detect things beyond human perception. It is so accurate that it knows the difference between snagging your lure or actually slamming a fish.

The super slim device was designed to clip to any size fishing pole without any interference. It was no easy task to create this universal mounting system.

"It took us a little bit to get it right," explained Bloomer. "We took a lot of trips to Cabela's and Bass Pro with numerous scales measuring out tons of rods."

It essentially uses two O rings (similar to those on a wacky rig) that slip onto your rod. Those O rings then clip into a mount that the tracker slides into securing it to your rod.  

anglrThe Tracker can easily be popped off to be placed on other rods as you switch tactics while fishing. To save time you can even purchase extra mounts to keep on your other rods for faster transition times.

Once on your rod it will automatically sync and begin streaming the action via Bluetooth to the app on your mobile device. This means you never have to stop fishing to pinpoint locations or enter in data like with other apps currently on the market.

It is essentially, as Landon calls it, "the FitBit of the fishing world." There really is no other way to describe this incredible device.

The Anglr tracker will automatically:

  • Pin the exact spot where a fish was caught
  • Log how long you fought a fish
  • Record the weather and water conditions you were fishing
  • Count how many casts were thrown
  • Monitor your reeling behavior

The Tracker sports an impressive battery life, capable of running for a full 24 hours before being recharged. Depending on how low the battery is, charging only takes one to two hours in its charging dock.

It is also 100% waterproof and floats in case you ever fumble it into the water.

Anglr App

anglrThe app is where you can look back on your current and past fishing trips to view all that the tracker has collected.

It will show you your cast to catch ratios, total fish caught, and other more in depth data. 

It sports a "Tackle Box" feature where you can go in to enter every lure and rod/reel setup you want. Simply selecting what setups you are using on your trips the app will keep track of what you were using when you caught each fish.

While the tracker will automatically drop some pins for you on your map, you can also drop your own custom pins. Say for instance you find some good structure or grass beds, drop a pin there to be able to find it later.

This is just the beginning for the app. Lots of new updates in the works that will send it to another level, the biggest of which will be the ability to use the app with no cell service for when you are fishing in remote locations.  

See everything in action in the video below.

Pricing and Availability

Even though the app is free on both Android or IOS, the Tracker will retail for $129.99. This will include the tracker, mount, O rings, and charging base. You will also receive a free year subscription to the Anglr Xperience web application.

This web application will allow you to explore collected data in hundreds of different ways from your desktop and more.  

Any real angler is probably drooling over themselves at the moment. The ability to look back on what you have done in the past during specific times and find patterns is any anglers dream for helping to put more fish in the boat.

The guys at Anglr Labs put some serious thought into this product and promise to only offer the best. This is something you are not going to want to miss out on. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram, or visit their website for more information.   

All photos via Anglr Labs

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Meet Anglr Tracker: The FitBit of the Fishing World