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Learn About the Medicinal Uses of Pine with Dave Canterbury

Medicinal uses of pine

The surprising versatility of the medicinal uses of pine may surprise you.

Pine trees are an easy to identify variety of coniferous tree that grow in a variety of environments in the Northern Hemisphere. These trees are easily identified from other coniferous tress by studying the needles and cones of the tree. The useful attributes of pine trees are not a secret and pine has been utilized for thousands of years for an almost limitless variety of products. Although you may know many of these uses, odds are you may not fully know the medicinal uses of pine.

As with many trees and plants around the world pine has an abundance of medicinal uses. Virtually every portion of these plentiful trees can be used for medicinal or nutrition purposes.

Follow along as Dave Canterbury gives a breakdown of the medicinal uses of pine and demonstrates an easy do-it-yourself project.

Very simple and straightforward. Pine needles, bark, nuts, and resin can all be used to heal certain injuries, or provide nutritious food while in the woods. I can tell you from experience pine tea is an easily made drink that can warm the spirits after a long day on the hoof.

Canterbury notes in the video that not all pine needles can be used. Norfolk Island Pine, Yew, and Ponderosa are a few varieties that have been identified as poisonous varieties. Anyone interested in harnessing the medicinal uses of pine or other plant should learn to properly identify the useful varieties as well as the dangerous varieties.

If you are experienced in bushcraft, you are probably already well acquainted with the useful pine. After viewing this video you should have a better idea about how the tree can also supply a good deal of medicine as well.

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Learn About the Medicinal Uses of Pine with Dave Canterbury