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Medicinal Uses of Mullien: How to Use this Prolific Plant

Understand the medicinal uses of mullien, and you will have a better grasp of the wealth lying all around you.

Understanding the world around you lies at the heart of the modern bushcraft movement. People have become separated from the natural world and we are on the cusp of losing countless generations of knowledge about its subtle secrets. Folks who who have spent time studying bushcraft realize there is much more low hanging fruit lying around than the common person understands. One skill bushcraft practitioners may be hesitant to tinker with though is the medicinal uses of plants.

Many plants we see everyday, even plants we have classified as nuisance weeds, held value for our ancestors. Thistles, sage, and dandelion come to mind in addition others. One disregarded plant that grows in abundance in certain regions and has a number of uses is mullien.

Follow along as Dave Canterbury discusses a few of the most common medicinal uses of mullien.

Before you begin experimenting with any plant, it is important to first learn how to identify it. Mullien has soft green leaves and a tall stalk with yellow flowers in its second year of growth. One common look alike that contains poisonous substances is foxglove. Anyone interested in using mullien should spend time learning the differences between the two plants.

For thousands of generations people across the globe used natural remedies, plants, and other practices to maintain their health and recover from illness. To be sure, modern medicine has the ability to help us in ways our ancestors could not have conceived.

It’s my personal opinion that while understanding the medicinal uses of plants is useful and interesting, I wouldn’t recommend it for serious illness. If you have a sore throat or headache, give a natural remedy a chance. If you’re in big trouble give your doctor a call.

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Medicinal Uses of Mullien: How to Use this Prolific Plant