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Medicinal Leeches Just Might Eat You Alive, Seriously

These medicinal leeches might make you think twice the next time you get in the murky water.

So while not all leeches are bent on slurping your blood, a small percentage, such as these European medicinal leeches, will not hesitate.

Coyote Peterson tests his theories on his arm with two different species of leeches.

Nuts right? You wouldn’t catch me in a million years doing something this crazy. This is definitely something you might imagine in a horror film.

It goes to show, though, that not all leeches are relatives of vampires. In fact, many leeches don’t even care for human blood as proven in this video. However, these medicinal leeches from Europe are craving blood and are used for tasks such as reconstructive surgery.

So watch out next time you are in Europe and going for a swim seems like a great idea. Just remember this video and make sure there are not any blood suckers in the water before you dive in.

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Medicinal Leeches Just Might Eat You Alive, Seriously