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Science is Cool: The Mechanics of a Revolver [VIDEO]

Check out the simplistically effective mechanics of a revolver in this educational video. 

Did you known that the revolver is also called the Wheelgun?

Learn more about the history and the mechanics of a revolver, with the assistance of Jessie Duff and 3 Gun National Champion Tommy Thacker, by watching this video.


The cut-away diagrams in this video provide an excellent window into the mechanics of a revolver.

Now that you’ve seen the mechanics of a revolver, let’s review the basic steps. First the trigger is pulled, which cocks the hammer and simultaneously spins the wheel to the next chamber. Once in place, the hammer is released and the contact ignites the firing pin and the cartridge primer which sparks the gun powder, creating a small explosion, which propels the bullet down the chamber.

The mechanics of a revolver make it a “Point-and-Shoot” firearm—all you have to do it pull the trigger.


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Science is Cool: The Mechanics of a Revolver [VIDEO]