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“MeatEater” Host Steven Rinella Gets Charged by a Moose [VIDEO]

Watch as Steven Rinella gets charged by a moose during the filming of “MeatEater.”

We’ve been digging “ManEater” lately, a Sportsman’s Channel show about Rinella and his hunting exploits, detailing the experience all the way through the game preparation and cooking process.

In this recently released footage on the MeatEater YouTube Channel, Rinella talks about one of the craziest moments from the show, when he was charged by a bull moose in British Columbia.

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There are several faux pas committed by Rinella in the video, which he admits to. Number one on the list would be running after the moose when he wasn’t certain that it had passed. But all the same, the experience made for a valuable lesson learned and some fantastic footage.

Watch as “the bull comes like a cartoon,” as Rinella described it, with its head down, ready to do some damage.

WARNING: Mild language is used in this video.

That was a narrow escape if we’ve ever seen one. “It’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever done, and I’ll never do it again,” Rinella said, before adding “It just wakes you up; you just got charged by a moose.”

Yeah, wakes you up like 5 shots of espresso.

Featured image via MeatEater YouTube Channel.

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“MeatEater” Host Steven Rinella Gets Charged by a Moose [VIDEO]