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Deer Meat Processing Wish List

Bagging a major buck on the deer hunting field is a major accomplishment, but almost equally impressive is a hunter who can turn around and become an expert butcher at the drop of a hat. Deer meat processing can cost a lot of money and can actually result in a lot of lost meat. A do-it-yourself processing job generally yields more meat – since a hunter is eager not to let any of his or her kill go to waste – and can be a great hobby for a deer hunter. If you know a venison enthusiast this holiday season, why not help them build up their arsenal of gear for home deer meat processing?

Outdoor Edge SwingBlaze ($59.99): Deer processing begins with a reliable skinning knife, and few are better than this one. A blaze orange rubber handle fits the hunting aesthetic will, while the interchangeable knife blades give a hunter skinning and gutting capabilities in the same convenient package.

outdoor edgePhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Mundial 5” Boning Knife ($10.99): Designed specifically for filleting meat off the bone, this knife is long, narrow, curved, and inexpensive – all qualities a do-it-yourself deer meat processing hunter will appreciate.

boningPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops Electric Meat Grinder by LEM Products ($269.99): Beautiful and well-wrought from stainless steel, it’s no surprise that this fantastic meat grinder comes so highly rated. This grinder is durable, with a permanently lubricated motor meant to withstand the test of time and a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty to back it up. Grinding up meat in the comfort of your own kitchen has never been easier.

meat grinderPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Redhead Six Tray Dehydrator ($69.99): Perfect for large or small batches of venison jerky, this dryer boasts six stackable trays, efficient forced air circulation, and an intuitive digital readout for time and temperature that makes food dehydration a fool-proof process.

stackablePhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Hi Mountain Jerky Gun ($29.99): A terrific companion gift for the dehydrator, this product is great for turning process, ground-up deer meet into seasoned and ready-to-dry jerky strips. It even comes with jerky seasonings in the box.

jerkyPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Foodsaver Sport Vacuum Packaging System ($79.99): What’s the use of processing the meat of an entire deer carcass if you can’t properly preserve the meat for later use? This product helps to create airtight storage packages for your fresh game meat so that it stays fresh for longer and avoids freezer burn over months of storage. Foodsaver also sells extra seal rolls ($29.99 for a two-pack) so that hunters can package more meat before having to replace them.

vacuumPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

LEM Backwoods Seasonings (Prices vary): Once the meat has been processed, the next step is making sure it tastes great. Whether the person you are shopping for likes to pop their venison on the grill or dry it for jerky, LEM’s selection of tasty backwoods seasonings likely has something that will liven up the flavor.

sausagePhoto via Bass Pro Shops

“The Complete Venison Cookbook” by Harold W. Webster Jr. ($24.95): Any venison home processing expert needs this book in their collection. With over 700 venison recipes ranging from steaks to burgers to chilies, this book will give the venison enthusiast in your family plenty of ideas for how they can use all of that meat they just put in their freezer.

venisonPhoto via Bass Pro Shops


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Deer Meat Processing Wish List