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This May Be the Tiniest AR-15 We’ve Ever Seen [VIDEO]

Is this tiny AR-15 with a two-inch barrel even useful?

The folks at High Caliber Conversions were able to get their hands on a two-inch barrel AR-15. This AR-15 might be the shortest and maybe even one the lightest we’ve ever seen.

It’s not the most practical rifle, but interesting to see.

Check out this short-barreled AR-15 in action.

The barrel is so short, viewers can see the tip of every bullet. Every other bullet tip was painted black.

I think it’s safe to say this AR-15 was built with the motive of creating a highly operational rifle, but was more of an experiment.

Video commenters were wondering the size of the gas port on the gun. Many speculated that it had to be bigger than usual, while others believed that it would actually be smaller.

AR-15s are known for their customization and this shooting enthusiast took it to the next level.

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This May Be the Tiniest AR-15 We’ve Ever Seen [VIDEO]