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MAXFAS Exoskeleton Helps U.S. Soldiers Learn Marksmanship

Image via Engadget

A newly developed exoskeleton will help soldiers learn marksmanship.

U.S. Army researchers have been creating a robotic shortcut for soldiers learning basic marksmanship skills. Dubbed MAXFAS, this is “an arm exoskeleton that uses cable-activated arm braces to correct involuntary arm shakes while you’re shooting.”

The exoskeleton is smart, and can tell the difference between voluntary movements and involuntary ones like tremors. Made with a carbon fiber body, the exoskeleton is light-weight, enabling uninhibited movement.

As the device is mounted in place on the user’s arm, it’s mostly going to be used as a way to encourage proficiency to new recruits and help others keep their skills sharp. In the early, tests the exoskeleton has proved to increase the shooting accuracy of its users.

The army hopes soon to have a device that would allow full mobility in training as well as in the field.

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MAXFAS Exoskeleton Helps U.S. Soldiers Learn Marksmanship