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This Mature Doe Gives a Lesson in Residual Scent

If you don't think deer pick up on your residual scent when you leave your hunting area, watch this.

This hunter is chasing turkeys and checking his game cams when he notices a mature doe detect his residual scent. Not only does she notice the scent, but follows it along the exact line the hunter had.

Watch the video to see what happens after you leave your hunting area.

Lots of whitetail hunters practice scent control in one form or another, but many fail to take residual scent into account. Not only is it important to get into and out of your stand or blind without alerting deer, it's also important not to tread across areas that deer will use in the near future.

This video is a great example of how deer pattern hunters far better than we pattern them. If you want to avoid the deer in your area detecting and reacting to your presence, there's a few things you can do.

First, be diligent with your scent control system in an effort to make yourself as odor free as possible. Second, establish entry and exit routes that don't require you to cross areas that deer use heavily. Finally, stay out of your best areas until the timing is right. This could mean the early or late season for a soybean plot or the pre-rut and rut for a favored doe bedding area.

By staying out of your best spots until the right time, you'll eliminate the possibility of a wary old doe like the one in the video picking up on your residual scent. Deer season is coming. Have you planted your food plots yet?


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This Mature Doe Gives a Lesson in Residual Scent