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Matthew McConaughey Under Fire Over Fenced Deer Hunts

Matthew McConaughey has received criticism for his side business, which involves fenced deer hunts.

Matthew McConaughey is a part-time owner of a ranch in Mertzon, Texas where guests can hunt and shoot fenced-in deer. The ranch is owned by his brother Mike McConaughey, where they also breed cattle. Guests to the ranch can shoot fenced-in deer, where lodging and food is provided.

According to reports, Matthew McConaughey has not owned the ranch since 2011, but the website still lists him as a co-owner. Several outlets have reported that the ranch has received death threats about their hunting practices.

Matthew McConaughey has a nephew named Madison who is the ranch's cattle manager.

Madison told reporters, "People are disgusted with us but we're disgusted with them." Madison added people come there for a hunting experience and, "We're proud of what we do."

Sitting on 22,000 acres, the area is fenced in with high fencing material. Some feel the feeding area, where the deer are drawn, makes for unfair hunting.

When asked about Matthew McConaughey and his role at the ranch, Madison told reporters, "My Uncle Matthew, the hunting part is part of the ranch, but he is more with the cattle. That's where his passion is."

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Matthew McConaughey Under Fire Over Fenced Deer Hunts