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What Matters Most: The 2015 Whitetail State of The Union [VIDEO]

What are the biggest issues facing deer? The 2015 Whitetail State of the Union tried to address them.

The 2015 hour-long special coined the “Whitetail State of The Union” premiered Saturday, September 12 on The Sportsman Channel.

Experts across the industry agreed to come together to discuss some of the largest issues facing hunters today. The topics cover areas such as diseases, predators, deer numbers, hunting media, and our hunting community as a whole.

It’s important as hunters we are up to date on the issues at hand and that hunters across the country are facing. Being aware of the some of the facts, issues, and items we can all help with makes this video worth watching.

It’s our duty as hunters to discuss amongst each other to help ourselves and our quarry. We can’t do that properly without being educated and informed, so events like this help us all.

This discussion features some of the world’s top whitetail authorities including:

  • Dr. Grant Woods
  • Dr. Karl V. Miller
  • Dr. James Kroll
  • Dr. Craig Harper
  • QDMA CEO Brian Murphy
  • QDMA Biologist Kip Adams
  • Whitetail Properties CEO Dan Perez
  • Midwest Whitetail’s Bill Winke
  • North American Whitetail’s Pat Hogan

If you were involved in the 2015 Whitetail State of The Union, what would you bring up?

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What Matters Most: The 2015 Whitetail State of The Union [VIDEO]