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Master Your Defensive Shooting with the Dot Torture Shooting Drill

dot torture

If you are looking for an effective way to train at the range with your carry gun try the Dot Torture Drill.

Generally anyone who consistently carries a firearm spends a decent amount of time sending lead down range. While shooting at your everyday targets is great you could greatly improve all around performance with drills like the Dot Torture Shooting Drill.

This drill uses a target with a series of 10 dots, hints the name. Each dot requires you to do something different from the amount of times you have to shoot it in a row to having to reload in between shots.

The video below explains how the drill works as well as demonstrates what each dot requires.

This drill is probably the best way to spend a short amount of time at the range while letting you get the most training out of one box of ammo. It not only helps you work on your accuracy, but your trigger control, draw, shooting ability from both hands, and more.

This best part is this is something great for the beginning shooter to start with or for an experienced shooter to test themselves on. You will be surprised how hard those dots are to hit consistently at even a few yards away.

If you want a few to take with you for the next time you are heading to the range here is a link to some free printouts of the Dot Torture Test Targets.



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Master Your Defensive Shooting with the Dot Torture Shooting Drill