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How to Master the Underhand Cast [VIDEO]

Add the underhand cast to your fishing skill set.

In most fishing situations, more than one casting style is often used to effectively cast and retrieve a lure. Once this underhand cast method is mastered, it just might become your new favorite way to present a lure with distance, deadly precision, and a subtlety that would impress a fly fisherman.

Let Kevin Sewell Fishing show you exactly what it means to make an underhand cast.

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As most fishermen know, certain casting styles are more preferred for casting specific lures. For example, an overhand cast is best for long casts where maximum distance and searching for active fish is the goal. Pitches and flips are used for close quarters where fish are often tight to structure and low key presentations are required.

However, the underhand cast is a casting style that joins both methods but can be sometimes tricky to perform without a little practice.

To begin this cast, lower your lure a few inches from the tip of the rod. Face the target where you plan to cast your lure with your rod angling straight out from your body at a 45 degree angle. Make a tight, small circle with your lure allowing the rod tip to load in the opposite direction of the cast. Finally, in a smooth motion, as the lure comes out of the back load, make the cast by releasing the spool and control the speed by thumbing the line.

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The lure should be just a few inches to a foot above the water and land with a very delicate splash.

In most cases, spinnerbaits, jigs, buzzbaits, and other heavier baits are the best lures to consider when making this cast. The heavier lures allow for more rod loading and more control of the lure as it is flying towards cover during the cast. Be sure to practice this cast before hitting the water the first time.

This is one technique that you will be happy you took the time to figure it out. Good luck!

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How to Master the Underhand Cast [VIDEO]