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Master This 10-Second Turkey Sound and You'll Never Need a Call Again

10-second turkey sound
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This 10-second turkey sound is all you'll need to make sure that the gobblers are headed in your direction.

Many hunter's (including most of the Wide Open Spaces Staff) turkey vests are filled to the brim with different types of turkey calls.

While having all those calls can come in handy and we would generally advise you to invest in at least a few good turkey calls, apparently not everybody needs them. Check out this awesome video of a guy making a 10-second turkey sound that proves he doesn't need any calls this spring.

Make sure you have your volume turned up for this one.


Keep in mind that this is purely the hunter's mouth with no call. Pretty impressive right? The gobblers in the area sure thought so.

Now any hunter who has spent much time chasing turkeys knows that what works one day may not work again for the rest of the season, so we wouldn't advise throwing away all your calls to work on your mouth calling game, but if you can get proficient at a sound like this it can be a very handy trick to pull out of the bag when the time is right.

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Master This 10-Second Turkey Sound and You'll Never Need a Call Again