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Master Thief Raccoon Steals Bait from Trap [VIDEO]

This raccoon is absolutely the smartest trap bait thief.

This highly intelligent raccoon knows not to go in the trap’s front door but to steal the bait from the back.

Watch as this raccoon owns this baited cage trap, all caught on camera.

Trapping animals is always a challenge. This is especially true for this smart raccoon.

A set cage trap is no match for this guy. After checking everything out, including the trail camera, this master thief goes to work. The raccoon goes around back of the trap and uses its nimble hand-like paws to debait this trap.

It is all caught on trail camera video by Ellie Willingham of Frontier Furs.

The wise raccoon avoids the trap and gets a great meal instead.

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Master Thief Raccoon Steals Bait from Trap [VIDEO]