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Master Marksman Wish List

Every hunter likes to fancy him or herself as a “master marksman” when it comes to rifle fire or archery prowess, but the fact is, building note-perfect shooing skills isn’t easy. The shooting range can only do so much to improve shooting skills, as well. In order to really become a master marksman, a hunter needs to get outdoors and shoot in a variety of different conditions, from a range of different angles, at a myriad number of different sized targets.

So what might a prospective master marksman have on their holiday wish list this year? Chances are they already have the rifle, shotgun, or bow and just need to build up skills in using it. From targets to sighting tools, the following list outlines just a few of the gifts that might help you to transform a friend, family member, or other loved one into the deadliest hunter in the woods.

Targets: Luckily for us, the shooting range isn’t the only place in the world with target practice opportunities. The market is saturated with different targets and systems that can be used to improve aim. The RedHead Single Spinner Rimfire Target ($14.99), for instance, is a small and portable target good for honing close-cut accuracy. The target is technically meant to be a varmint practice item, but its easy portability makes it a decent option for hunters looking to take a target into the woods to practice a variety of angles and distances.

master - redheadPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

For a more standard shooting range like feel, RedHead also offers an Official NRA Small Bore Rifle Target ($4.99) both in 50 and 100 yard range incarnations. Both are decent for a shooter looking to turn a sprawling property into a shooting range. Just make sure your friend or family member doesn’t try to start shooting in his or her backyard.

master - NRAPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Archers have a whole different range of targets to choose from, including traditional bullseye targets – the Delta ShotBlocker Black O.P.S. Archery Target ($99.99), for bows firing at speeds of 350 fps or less – and more practical shooting solutions – the Rinehart Targets Competition Series Big Ten Buck 3D Archery Target ($649.99), a durable buck replica standing at 37 inches and boasting a simulated weight of 250 pounds.

master - archeryPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Optics: Targets can do a lot to hone marksmanship abilities, but sometimes, sightlines aren’t as clear during an actual hunt as they are in a practice scenario. Optics, from rangefinders to binoculars to scopes, can help to put the advantage back in the hands of the shooter and can help make a bullseye hit more attainable.

In the realm of bow optics, the TruGlo True-Site Xtreme bow sight ($54.99) is a nicely affordable scope with great reviews and a nice pin design that makes aiming fast, easy, and accurate.

master - bowsightPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

For rifles, we recommend the Nikon Buckmaster scope ($229.99), which is also extremely affordable – as far as high quality scopes go – and very well received by consumers. It comes with a lifetime warranty from Nikon and a lens that provides crisp and clear magnification.

master - buckmasterPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

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Master Marksman Wish List