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Massive Topwater Pike Fishing Explosion [VIDEO]

This is some of the most exciting topwater pike fishing action we have ever seen.

Check out this awesome video from XtenProductions428 as Ron James and Leo Stakos from Fish TV find themselves in the middle of some insane pike fishing on Selwyn Lake in Saskatchewan. The excitement felt by the two anglers in this video is contagious and you will find yourself watching it time and time again.

James and Stakos are using an X-Rap Walk 13 and a Husky Jerk by Rapala to entice the pike in this video to pursue and finally strike with the explosiveness the toothy fish are famous for. Topwater strikes by any species of fish are always exciting and you can really feel that adrenaline rush from this footage.

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I just may have to plan a pike fishing trip to Canada after watching this video.

Well, maybe I will wait until the spring...

Have you ever experienced pike fishing action like this? Share your stories in the comments section below.

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Massive Topwater Pike Fishing Explosion [VIDEO]