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What Do You Do When a Tiger Shark Tries to Bite Your Head? [VIDEO]

Watch this large tiger shark take a few exploratory bites on this lucky diver’s head.

OK, for starters, open water shark chumming and diving is a bad idea on many fronts. This has been happening in the Bahamas for years now, leading to multiple bites and deaths from multiple dive operations.

That being said, on this trip one of the “friendly” and “misunderstood” resident sharks decides to come in pretty hot on this diver doing some film work. He is paying attention to the other sharks directly in front of him, when this 800 plus-pound tiger shark swoops down from above and….. Well… just watch the clip.

This guy is a perfect candidate for the “I’m lucky to be alive” award for the year. This hungry tiger shark wasn’t fully committed to devouring this guy’s cranium.

After a few “exploratory” nips, the shark backs off. Lucky for this guy he ducked just in time. If this shark’s intention was to make scuba Steve soil his wet suit; MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

And luckily for the dive community, they don’t have another death to try to explain. I guess at the end of the day, its just all part of the open water shark chumming/diving experience.

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What Do You Do When a Tiger Shark Tries to Bite Your Head? [VIDEO]