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Massive Stingray Caught on Shore of North Wildwood [VIDEO]

Facebook/Wildwood Boardwalk

Check out this large stingray caught on shore off North Wildwood beach in New Jersey.

New Jersey’s beaches are showing off their variety of ocean wildlife this year.

Numerous animals have been caught off its shores with a few found washed up on the beaches. This year so far, seahorses, baby sharks, a Portuguese Man O’ War, various fish, and the most recent, a very large stingray have been seen.

The photo above was posted to “The Wildwood Boardwalk” Facebook page. Apparently a man hooked into it while fishing. It was caught off the shores of the 2nd Avenue Beach in New Jersey’s North Wildwood area. People gathered around as the man worked to get the hook out of the stingray’s mouth.

It was later released and was seen swimming safely away from the shore.

“The Wildwood Boardwalk” Facebook page also posted the video below the day after the photo was taken from a patron of the beach that day. They claim it was the same stingray, but there seems to be some key differences between the two. We will let you decide what you think.

Regardless if it was the same one or not, there seems to be a lot of activity coming from the marine life on the Jersey Shore. This may be the best opportunity to head out there and bust out your fishing gear.

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Massive Stingray Caught on Shore of North Wildwood [VIDEO]