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Watch This Massive Ship Launch in Dramatic Fashion [VIDEO]

Ever wondered what happens during a ship launch? Check out this jaw-dropping video of a new Navy combat ship hitting the water for the first time.

Anyone who has ever been fishing on a boat has inevitably dealt with the wake of bigger boats passing by. That is very frustrating to have happen especially when the bite was hot.

However, this video will give new meaning to your idea of a bigger boat’s wake. Just be glad you weren’t fishing near this dock in the Menominee River during this epic ship launch.

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The boat in this ship launch video, uploaded by LockheedMartinVideos is the LCS 7 Detroit, built by Lockheed Martin for the U.S. Navy. This is the seventh ship of this type to be launched into the U.S. fleet.

Disclaimer: Despite the success of this ship launch, we don’t recommend you try a similar method with your bass boat, even if it is your buddy’s boat.

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Watch This Massive Ship Launch in Dramatic Fashion [VIDEO]