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Massive Shark Schools Swarm the Florida Coastline [VIDEO]

Blacktip shark schools are arriving near Florida’s beaches.

It’s that time of year again! The time of year that every snowbird should fear, as thousands of very upset blacktip sharks start making their way up the Florida coastline in a yearly ritual.

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To put it into perspective, when you need a helicopter hovering at a few hundred feet above the Atlantic just to be able to view from one side of the school to the other, that’s insane.


The blacktip shark is not the biggest of the shark species, but they are responsible for most of the bites on humans in Florida each year. The blacktips migrate up the east coast of Florida every winter/spring as part of a mass feeding and mating ritual that is thousands of years old.

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The news usually attempts to make the public freak out about this migration, but in reality you are probably in the clear. Scientists do say that no matter where you are in Florida, you are more than likely no less than 100 yards from a shark at any given time.

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Massive Shark Schools Swarm the Florida Coastline [VIDEO]