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Massive Ohio Whitetail Killed with a Handgun

Hunter shoots massive Ohio whitetail with a crossbow and handgun.

It’s not every day that you get the chance to shoot a giant whitetail. This hunter is one of those who was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to kill a massive Ohio whitetail.

Not only does he kill it, but watch how!

At Dominant Buck Outfitters in Ohio, hunters are allowed to use whatever they prefer because it is a privately-owned game reserve. Hunters can hunt as early as August and as late as February.

Keith Warren and Justin Patterson decide they want to try out Justin’s skills with a crossbow, and sure enough, Patterson soon has his chance. He, Warren, and the cameraman go out one evening and hunt from an elevated blind.

A giant whitetail comes in at forty yards and Patterson makes a perfect shot.

Warren decides he wants to hunt with a Sig Sauer 10 mm. handgun and 180 grain ammunition. Once again, a giant whitetail walks into around forty yards, and with a perfect shot the buck only runs fifteen yards and drops.

If you’ve never hunted a game preserve before, here is your chance to see one of the best that Ohio has to offer.



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Massive Ohio Whitetail Killed with a Handgun