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Divers Capture Once-in-a-Lifetime Footage of Enormous Fish [VIDEO]

Just when you thought the ocean couldn’t get any weirder, there’s this beast of a fish.

While diving off the north coast of Gozo in the Mediterranean Sea, Erik van der Groot and his friend encountered a massive malo fish. Malo, also known as ocean sunfish, are pelagic fish that usually swim at depths of 2,000 feet, but these divers found one swimming at just 50 feet. As far as ocean sunfish go, this one is a titan. It’s so big that it makes the divers look like the little fish that swim next to giant sharks and whales.

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Ocean sunfish can grow up to 10 feet tall, but this specimen appears to taller than that. Mature specimens weigh between 545 to 2,205 pounds. They are the largest bony fish in the world, and are found in tropical and warm waters in Atlantic and Pacific.


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Divers Capture Once-in-a-Lifetime Footage of Enormous Fish [VIDEO]